YouTuber Tap is a clicker game. You click the Play button, and Gain Likes, Views, Subscribers, Fame, And so on. You can use your camera/Webcam to record videos online! Like a normal YouTuber would, you can enable Ads. When you do, your viewers dislike your videos, but you gain Views! Enjoy YouTuber Tap!

Updated 6 days ago
AuthorHot Chocolate Studios
Tags2D, clicker, Endless, Singleplayer

Development log


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Is the development for this game still active???

I don't think so.

Yes. However it is moving quite slowly. DLC for this game is being worked on.

i need a sequel

it says required password to play??

No... No password needed

see the screen shot 

Oops, my bad. I removed the password now! Try redownloading it. See if that works.

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edit :

same nothing changed see the file i downloaded it

it still requires the password

Ok. I've fixed it. Try redownloading.

This game has a nice idea and layout, but if you'd add more content, I would rate more than 3 stars... Good game overall.

:D Thanks!

i dont have windows or mac so please make a linux version

Ok! I'll try...

Ok thanks very much