Trolled 3 is the sequel to the multiplayer game, Trolled 2, And the prequel to trolled 2, Trolled 1.


Years ago, Humans discovered a new form of life. This form of life, was the Cubes. They were rather peaceful creatures who solved most of their problems without violence. But it was until that one day... When the Spheres came and Kidnapped all of the Cubes! Except for one... One Cube managed to escape... That Cube is Blob! Blob must find the Light, and Dark crystal. And restore it to its rightful place. Oh, and his Grandpa tags along often too.


Adventure through 7 different worlds!

Survive the impossible!

And rescue your friends!

All this and more in Trolled 3!

Updated 26 days ago
AuthorHot Chocolate Studios
Tags2D, story